Hello, and welcome to my blog! This is definitely a learn-as-you-go proposition, and I’m still figuring out how everything works and trying to feel my way around, but I’m very glad you’re here!

The blog has two primary purposes:

The first is to share my journey as I finish and publish my first novel, which I’ve been working on much too sporadically during my summer and winter breaks since 2006. With this section of the blog I hope to connect with other writers, sharing tips (please, please share your tips with me!) and keeping each other motivated during the slow times. I have a lot of slow times!

The second purpose of the blog is to develop a community for high school and college students and instructors. If you’re stuck or struggling at any stage of the writing process, this page might be a good place to go for tips and encouragement. Please feel free to ask questions and share your own experiences and ideas!

My plan is to blog twice (or maybe three times) a week, once for each purpose, though along the way, I’m likely to throw in a few curve balls that have little or nothing to do with either my own writing or teaching. It’ll be pot luck!

I hope you’ll keep checking back to see what’s new!