In Round 1, 125 groups of 30 or 31 writers each were given 48 hours to write two 1,000 word (max) stories, one for Challenge 1 and another for Challenge 2.  At the end of the two R1 challenges, the five writers with the highest cumulative scores in each group moved on to Round 2 (the semi-finals).  In Round 2, the 625 remaining writers have been put into 25 new groups of 25 each, and again given 48 hours to write a 1,000 word story in response to a new set of prompts.  I’m in Group 21, and our prompts were Sci Fi, an adoption agency, and a seesaw.  (The top 3 in each R2 group will move on to Round 3.)

(This is the first time I’ve drawn Sci Fi since I started doing these contests in 2015.)

The Einstein Children

A former R&D executive, guilty of the good he didn’t do, holds the key to life and death. Even he doesn’t know what he’ll do with it.